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We are the industry experts for building systems commissioning

Total Building Cx
Existing Building Cx
Testing and Balancing
Systems Manuals
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We have commissioned some of the largest heat and power generation plants and are well positioned as QA and QC expects for almost any industrial process

Heat and Power Plant
Laboratory High Containment Facilities
High Voltage Substations
Decon Chambers
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We are the industry leaders for building systems measurements and verification process

Retrofit M&V - IPMVP Option B
Whole Building - IPMVP Option C
Whole Building Simulated Calibration - Option D
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We are at the forefront of Commissioning of O&M processes

Continuous Optimization
Monitoring Based Commissioning
Energy Management Information System
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We take a leading edge approach to asset management for both optimizing the performance of buildings and their systems as well as through continuous monitoring and the establishment of corporate memory through the conservation of information.

Asset Maintenance
Bilding and Building System Life Cycles
KPI - Evaluation of Conditions
Documentation and Corporate Memory
Technology - Asset Management and Performance Indices
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We assist organizations and businesses define and reach tangible sustainability goals

BOMA BESt Certification
LEED Certification
Policies Management
Behaviour Changes