CES Engineering News Picture

CES has completed the BOMA BESt Level 1 certification for eight office buildings, totalling over 500,000 square feet. CES assisted Touchstone in fulfilling certification requirements in the areas of energy, water, waste reduction, emissions & effluents, indoor environment, and environmental management policies. The final project deliverables included: a capital plan and recommendations for building operations improvements – allowing for superior BOMA BESt and LEED EBOM certification in the near future.

City of Toronto awarder CES

The City of Toronto awarded CES with the contract for measuring and validating seasonal efficiencies of four large heating and cooling plants, as a case study for the expansion of the Exhibition Place tri-generation district energy system. Four large hospitality buildings up to one million square feet each, with chiller plants ranging from 600 to 2000 tons were selected for these projects. This case study shall determine differences between theoretical “as built” plant seasonal efficiencies, and real life, as operated -seasonal efficiencies.

CES Group New Office in Burnaby

This summer, CES Vancouver moved to a great new office space. Located in Burnaby’s Canada Way Business Park, the 5800 square foot open-concept space is constructed to showcase innovations in sustainable technologies. This office will serve as EcoOpera Systems’ information hub, and as the customer training centre. The latest advancements in the EMIS software (as developed by the EcoOpera R&D group) are continuously on display.

Target Canada and CES Group Picture

CES is in full-swing with Target Canada’s Commissioning Program. We are completing HVAC system commissioning for over 60 stores; fire alarm and security systems commissioning for over 40 stores; and HVAC testing and balancing for over 30 stores within British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.

ECOOPERA EMIS software solution

The EcoOpera EMIS solution offers software, hardware, and professional services that provide the most mature and scalable solutions to help you meet your energy cost-reduction and facility-operation goals. EcoOpera is releasing a whole family of software service products: EcoDAS, EcoKiosk, EcoTrack, EcoOptimizer, Eco LEED M&V, and EcoQuest. These products are used for energy and control system data, acquisition, archiving, monitoring, analyzing, targeting, and reporting. For more information, please visit our web page: