Existing Building Commmissioning

Existing Building Commissioning

Studies conducted at various National Labs suggest that commissioning and improved operations could save 20% of the energy used by existing buildings. Existing building commissioning involves developing a building operating plan that identifies current building operating requirements, conducting tests to determine whether the building and fundamental systems are operating in accordance with the plan, and identifying any necessary changes or repairs.
In summary, existing building commissioning includes three distinctive phases:

  • Investigation and analysis - through a systematic process, developing an understanding of the operation of the building's major energy-using systems, options for optimizing energy performance and a plan to achieve energy savings.
  • Implementation – implementation of minor improvements and identification of capital projects that ensure that the building's major energy-using systems are repaired, operated and maintained effectively to optimize energy performance.
  • Ongoing commissioning – addressing changes in facility occupancy, use, maintenance and repair. Periodic adjustments and reviews of building operating systems and procedures that are essential for optimal energy efficiency and service provision.