Heat and Power Plant (UBC and UNBC)

Head and Power Plant (UBC and NBC)

We provide comprehensive commissioning services for different types of heat and/or power generation plants.
Our typical services for these projects include:

  • Review of plant process system designs and the definition of commissioning procedures
  • Define and clarify commissioning responsibilities between various contracting parties (General Contractor, Process Contractors)
  • Review of contractual obligations between the owner and process plant contractor in relation to functional acceptance test requirements and procedures, operator training, process and systems documentation and project handover acceptance criteria.
  • Development of the plant process commissioning plan and project commissioning schedule
  • Management and administration of the plant-wide hazardous operation safety study developed at project inception and followed throughout plant construction, commissioning, and hand over to the owner
  • Providing advice to the project team on items related to Building Occupancy regarding Bioplant regulatory approvals
  • Development of the commissioning plan for building occupancy and liaising with project architect and general contractor to achieve building occupancy
  • Acting as the Owner’s representative during the construction phase, witnessing plant system inspections and certifications
  • Chairing regular on site commissioning meetings and providing site inspection reports
  • Development of pre-functional and functional test check sheets (cold and hot test)
  • Pre-functional tests including installation validation for all plant equipment, sensors and instrumentation, as well as full PLC input/output checks
  • System activation check sheets included owner's installation and operational requirements, as well as regulatory authority reviews and approvals
  • Coordination, execution and recording of all plant functional testing procedures. Functional testing includes operation validation at a system-wide level, rather than individual components. Functional testing related to the performance of the plant. Reliability, emissions, and noise testing for all systems
  • Validation and documentation of plant performance as it relates to the owner's performance criteria that were established at the beginning of the project. This includes functional performance, emissions testing, plant safety and operation and maintenance requirements
  • Review of the Operation and Maintenance manuals provided by the contractors. These documents are reviewed with respect to the owner's requirements, as well as adequacy and completeness for operating and maintaining the plant
  • Actinging as Owner’s training coordinator for plant operations and maintenance personnel chairing regular meetings with operations personnel and scheduling and overseeing all aspects of training throughout the commissioning, turnover, and acceptance phases. Development of training agendas in cooperation with plant contractors and Owner’s facility groups. Training activities include a focus on safety, operation, maintenance, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and analysis of the plant.
  • Preparing comprehensive summary commissioning reports