High Containment Laboratory Facilities

Industrial Commissioning

Design Process Management

We are the specialists in the design process management for 'Containment Level 3' projects, performing the following services:

  • Acting as a liaison between the user group, design team, construction group and Health Canada/CFIA representatives
  • Acting as a key contact in correspondence with Heath Canada/CFIA officials
  • Consulting and directing to the design team for specialty laboratory containment practices

We perform focused reviews of laboratory design and construction documents with reference to Health Canada/CFIA Certification requirements for 'Containment level 3'. The review covers the design of all laboratory systems, including all architectural, electrical and mechanical services as well as the Owner's equipment.

Construction Process Management

We are the experts in the construction process management for ‘Containment Level 3’ projects, performing the following services:
  • Chairing regular construction meetings between the owner's project management team, user groups, design teams and construction groups
  • Construction reviews and site inspections with the focus on the containment envelope and services penetration construction details
  • Coordination of the construction trades and activity sequence scheduling with respect to testing and acceptance of the containment envelope, services penetrations and services finishes
Laboratory equipment shop drawing review and coordination.


We provide full scale commissioning services for 'Containment Level 3' projects.
Our commissioning services typically include the following:
  • Preparation of the commissioning specifications (commissioning plan, training and documentation plan) during the project design phase.
  • Chairing regular commissioning meetings between the owner's project management team, user groups, design teams and construction groups during the design and construction phases
  • Commissioning of all building systems associated with Containment Level 3 laboratory services
Preparation of Operation and Maintenance manuals and Systems (training) manuals.

Certifications Adhering to Federal Biosafety Standards

We provide third party certification for Containment Level 3 laboratories in line with the federal biosafety standards.
Our typical certification services include the following:
  • Preparation of the certification scope of work and specifications during the project design phase
  • Review of the Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) with the user group and verification of the laboratory design solution in line with the required SOP
  • Pressure decay testing of the Containment Level 3 ductwork and HEPA filter assemblies with the Sheet Metal Contractor
  • Containment barrier leak testing (room testing)
  • Equipment and systems fail safe testing in order to verify containment integrity and directional air flows at all fail conditions
  • Preparation and assembly of the final certification report in line with the Federal Biosafety Standards
  • Demonstration and validation of laboratory systems operation and fail safe containment integrity in front of federal biosafety officials