LEED Commmissioning

LEED Commissioning

C.E.S. Engineering was one of the pioneers of the LEED commissioning process in Canada. Since inception of the LEED rating system in British Columbia (around 2000) we have provided LEED related commissioning services for over 50 LEED certified buildings. The commissioning process for LEED projects has its foundations in the Total Building Commissioning process. However within the LEED rating system the primary focus is on energy systems. Therefore building envelope, HVAC, plumbing, DDC controls, power distribution, lighting and lighting control systems are addressed within the scope of work of the LEED Commissioning Authority (CxA). The CxA will typically coordinate the mandatory life safety systems commissioning as well. The commissioning of the security systems, Audio-Video systems and communication systems are usually not addressed within the scope of work of the project Commissioning Authority.

Our experience includes LEED commissioning services for the following LEED rating systems:

  • LEED NC (New Construction) rating system
  • LEED CI (Commercial Interiors – Renovation Projects) rating system
  • LEED CS (Core and Shell) rating system
  • LEED EB O&M (Existing Building) rating system
C.E.S. Engineering is a strong advocate for the CxA having sole responsibility for administration and management of the overall commissioning process from design stage through construction and during first year of operation on a typical LEED project. On all of our LEED projects we acted as the sole Commissioning Authority in all project phases. The additional services of contractors hired as "Commissioning Coordinating Agencies" became obsolete in these cases.