real versus estimated energy consumption

CES Services - Energy Performance

Energy Model Calibration

Our experience with energy modeling, energy monitoring, and measurement and verification has led to the development of an effective process for the calibration of energy models to real building data. Model calibration is required for the verification of savings of new construction relative to a simulated code baseline building. This process can uncover issues causing excessive energy use that cannot be identified by examining trend logs alone. Calibrated simulations are also used to calculate energy savings of potential energy conservation measures for existing buildings. They are required by some government supported efficiency programs to appropriately account for interactive effects between building systems. These calibrated models can be used to determine the building system control sequences that minimize energy consumption.

Energy Model Reviewing

Energy modeling is a complex process involving hundreds of model parameters, and the proper interpretation of dozens of requirements from building energy standards. Often, limitations in the capabilities of modeling software programs require creative ‘work-arounds’ to correctly simulate building operation or account for building performance. If your company would like an experienced modeller to review your simulations for accuracy, consistency and to address issues that can arise, CES can help.